Pandora has Opened the Box

It is said it started somewhere in the Orient, in a small, inconspicuous, town.

It soon swept throughout the lands and even brought some Governments down.

Very soon our worst nightmares started to come true.

And all I could pray for is that it would not get to you.


Pandora had forsaken her pledge and set free the horrors from within.

To the theme tune of the War of The Worlds is where I shall begin.

Some strange and horrible things flew out that box, including mean and selfish greed.

People whom we trusted made capital from the misery of our needs.


Soon envy crawled free and crept across the damp and virulent sand.

Friends were lost, some people shut and locked their doors and made a final stand.

Hatred was the next little puppy to escape and run untethered and free.

It was the fault of those Orientals that brought this curse down on you and me.


Or was it?


Wherever it started, the end result, was unbelievable, harsh and intolerable pain.

Our old and fragile loved ones took the first punch and were hit time and time again.

As always hunger escaped the box and those in dire need were brought into focus too.

It took a mindful football star to tell us what we really aught to do.


Poverty skipped free as well, danced and sang with hunger hand in hand.

Many additional people died no matter what we may have planned.

War still raged throughout the World and smiled upon us all       and took its chance.

Never one to miss the endless, opportunities brought about by fate and circumstance.


Death had also leapt for joy at its endless possibilities, prospects, and the freedom it had gained.

With a gentle smile it left the box and whispered menacingly, as it pretended to sooth and ease the pain.


It is said it started somewhere in the Orient, in a small, inconspicuous, town.

It soon swept throughout the lands and even brought some Governments down.

Very soon our worst nightmares started to come true.

And all I could pray for is that it would not get to you.


But now we have a vaccine, perhaps even two or more.

Something to combat the virus and even up the score.

Although our medical staff are stretched, exhausted, tired and under strain

A ‘sharp scratch’ will be the phrase repeated every minute, every hour, time and time again.


However, still within the box, biding its time and the strongest of them all,

Was a tiny thing called        HOPE, whose message is firm and sure, “No matter what, we shall never fall!”

It has just skipped free, with joyous dance, a melodious voice and wonderous smiling eyes

Looked upon the World and exclaimed, fear not my friends, “This will never best me no matter how hard it tries!!”


We WILL overcome this.  Be Strong, Stay safe and look after each other.


David J Sowerby – Visual Storyteller

Black Notley












Hello and welcome to the standard Sowerby diary update



A regular verbal information assembly of news and issues affecting our everyday lives creatively composed by David John Sowerby, visual storyteller.


When I was five and I said I wanted to learn to skate my mum said “OK, but make sure it does not end in tears!!”

Little was I to know then how prophetic were, her concerned words and, abject fears.

The world has spun upon itself many times since those early, formative days

Life has changed for me, indeed all of us, in oh so many ways.


I learned to skate and ride a bike acquired bumps, bruises, and broken skin.

All of which prepared and supported me as I grew, developed, matured but here is the thing.

Although I had the mumps, measles, chickenpox and all those childhood things that left small sores.

I never had to encounter or face the horror of taking part in any stupid global wars.


I like many of you have lived through trying times, power cuts, three day working weeks and more

But we are lucky, we have survived to face another day, we have all listened to our parents talk about how things were before.

We are of a certain age now with maybe children of our own, making their way in life and following their personal way.

Some are small, perhaps even new-born, others older, engaged, married or perhaps they maybe gay.


It matters not, each of us must live out our own, particular life, and carve out our personal, private, meandering road.

Each will face our own challenges, succeed in our endeavours, or sometimes learn to carry a troublesome,  unwanted load.

Things of late have been a trial to each of us as we faced a virus which infected us and spread so fast

We have looked for guidance, others to blame, clapped our health supporters and wondered how long this will last?


The reality is no-one really knows.  Our schools have again closed, pubs, restaurants, and gymnasiums too.

We will each of us be offered a vaccine, a bit like warding off the flu.

Some, quite naturally are still concerned and although this may not quell our fears

Despite what mum and a certain Mr Gove says, it may not now end in tiers!


Instead, we have another lockdown, and words like variant, unprecedented and challenge now abide.

People are upset, businesses close, jobs are lost.  Will anything turn this tide?

Really though we are not sheep, we do not require constant commands if we just listen to our heart

It is up to each of us to just use common sense, be mindful of each other and all to play our part.


So wear your mask, wash your hands, keep your distance safe and be mindful of where you go.

We each share this responsibility.  It is about how we listen, how much we care and so..

Be safe my friends, look out for each other and perhaps silently say a little prayer as you go to bed.

That you and, each of us, may look forward to many happy, healthy, productive and creative years ahead.


Stay safe and well.  Take care.


Posted on: 20th July 2023